Dr. Byron "Ted" Butchart, ND  Naturopathic Physician
"Treat the patient, not the disease."
Offices in Charlottesville and Staunton Virginia
What Our Patients Have to Say
My 6 year old son developed tics suddenly before my husband and I left for a
trip.  In addition to the tics, his behavior and emotions were extremely unstable
and not normal.  He was very fidgety, cried about everything, and constantly had

The experience with Dr. Butchart was really neat.  The doctor spoke with me for
about 10 minutes on the phone prior to me making an appointment so that I
could discuss Jacob’s symptoms.  Once I scheduled the appointment, the office
manager gave me the doctor’s direct email so I could send a very detailed
description of what we were experiencing.  You don’t know how much this
meant to me.  The most important thing to me was that my son not feel
“different” or “weird”.  I didn’t want him to sit and listen to me explain all that we
were seeing in him.  I felt this could seriously upset him further.  The doctor was
so wonderful in his discretion with us.

Initially, I did want to look into what could be triggering the tics.  Were there
environmental or food sensitivities causing this?  But after meeting with us, the
doctor suggested that be a 2nd course of action if our 1st course didn’t work
out.  I really appreciated this because this testing would have been very
expensive and would have been more to put my son through.

We met with the doctor for 2 hours!  It was unbelievable to have the undivided
attention of a doctor that isn’t cramming in patients and rushing from room to
room.  He talked for 2 hours with us and we never once felt that we were being
rushed.  My shy son was so incredibly open with him.  He answered his
questions very maturely.  He drew pictures for the doctor while we talked.  I felt
that the doctor did an amazing job at truly understanding my son.

After about 6 days of taking the remedy and following Dr. Butchart's
recommendations, we saw drastic improvement.  Before receiving the
homeopathic remedy, my son would tic constantly.  And he had numerous types
of tics. He was always twitching and jerking.  It was extremely sad to watch.  In
addition to the muscle movements, his emotions were very imbalanced.  He
would have these mood swings, cry for no reason, become very irritable and
was easily agitated.  After a week of the remedy, the neck jerks were completely
gone, he was no longer shaking his head, he wasn’t smelling everything in
sight, and his body seemed so relaxed.  In addition, he was his normal self,
easy-going, pleasant, not easily angered, patient, etc.

Reading the parent testimonies of families who dealt with similar situations
was frightening.  They all sounded like my son before seeing Dr. Butchart.  Many
of these testimonies shared their journey which led to a diagnosis of Tourette's
Syndrome and medicines that completely changed their child. Then I read about
the struggles as parents tried so many courses of action, medicines, doctors,
testing, etc.  Then they found the trigger, whatever it may be, and eliminated it
and the tics were greatly reduced or eliminated.    And my heart ached reading
these parent’s stories and the struggles as they watched their child change
before their very eyes.

I knew for certain that I didn’t want to go to traditional doctors who would order
many tests and refer us to specialists, who would do more tests, then diagnose
him with something that might not even be the case, then put him on medicines
that would harm his body in the long run or completely alter his personality.   

Through all of this I have been able to email the doctor letting him know of all of
the changes in my son.  This allows him to assess if we are on the right track.  It
has given me such peace of mind to be able to have this kind of access to a
doctor working directly with us.  I don’t have to call and leave a message on the
nurse line then to have the message from the doctor relayed back to me.  I know
this doctor cares and wants to see my child healed.  I appreciate him being
sensitive to finances and not sending us to test after test that might not be

We have loved working with Dr. Butchart.  He is incredibly knowledgable and
thorough.   But what I have enjoyed the most is how much he cares about
helping my child.  And without breaking the bank!  I have only gone in for one
visit.  Many are skeptic because they have had experiences where the doctor will
recommend coming in multiple times for follow ups, which becomes very costly.
Then you have all the tests that are run.  And all of this is so trying on the family.  
But Dr. Butchart was able to meet with us at length, begin working with us and
keep up via email and phone.  To have this kind of access to a doctor is unheard
of to most.   

I can't recommend him enough!  Thank you, Dr. Butchart.  We feel that you saved
our son. --R.R., Harrisonburg, VA   2010
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Keep the Energy Moving

Psycho-Emotional Health
Virginia Association of Naturopathic Physicians
When I was facing yet another course of chemotherapy for metastatic ovarian
cancer, and one I had hoped never to experience, I relayed my fears to Dr.
Butchart.  He responded quickly saying: "You have no other choice at the
moment, look at the chemo as your friend.  It will help you get through it."  And he
has been doing so these past months for which I am so very grateful.
--P.S., Staunton, VA  2010
I first started seeing Dr. B in February and really can't say enough good things
about my experience.  At the time of my first visit, I had been very sick for over ten
years with what became increasingly life-threatening in the last 2 years.  Through
the years, I had been to M.D.'s of all flavors and colors, D.O.'s, acupuncturists, name it, I had done it!  I had an exhausted lists of tests and
protocols that had failed to help.  There was even a considerable amount of
self-teaching with regard to nutrition and health as well.  Still, no one could help
me and despite all of our efforts, I grew sicker.  When I went to see Dr. B for the
first time, I truly felt like he was my last hope.  

My complicated case involved so many organ systems and advanced
manifestations of illness that it was clear time was of the essence in beginning
to halt and reverse the cascading process of disease.  What I first realized about
Dr. Butchart was his inexhaustible capacity for listening to me with genuine care
and compassion.  And really listening.  After listening intently, he delivered with
clarity what would turn out to be an uncannily accurate description of what he
thought was behind my illness.  At that time it was only a theory, but as we
ordered the appropriate tests it became obvious that he had actually nailed down
what many other specialists and doctors had failed to see.

I am currently experiencing health that I have not felt in so long that I can't seem
to remember when!  I am still pinching myself to see if this is a dream.  What I
truly appreciate about Dr. Butchart's approach is not only its unbelievable
effectiveness, but its truly holistic objective.  As a doctor, he has what I would call
a "rare" talent at balancing the best of many medical worlds.  He has an
extensive knowledge of herbs, nutrition, homeopathy, and emotional
components of illness.  He employs pharmaceutical drugs when appropriate in
such an artful way so as to gain their maximum benefit without relying on them to
oversimplify and ignore a chronic disease.  

Although this is only the tip of the iceberg of what I would have to say in favor of
Dr. Butchart as a physician, healer, and helper, I hope it is enough for you to feel
confident that by scheduling an appointment you may in fact be making a very
wise decision in terms of resolving your health concerns.

H.B., Harrisonburg, VA  2009
This past summer I attended a Chrysalis presentation in Waynesboro, [VA]
where a Naturopathic Physician was speaking. In passing, he mentioned that
chronic sinus problems could be easily treated. I had read that homeopathy
was able to successfully treat many chronic conditions, and since I had a
longstanding sinus condition that several conventional physicians had been
unable to remedy, I consulted Dr. Butchart. After the first treatment, the most
serious symptoms were alleviated. After the second treatment, the condition
was almost completely gone. My quality of life has been markedly improved
and I want to alert others to the possibility that they don't have to live with
worrisome conditions that haven't responded to conventional approaches. Fully
trained Naturopathic Physicians are fully accredited physicians who are holistic
and can call upon a range of drug-free treatments. They are my idea of what a
physician should truly be.

Carolyn Amundson, Staunton, VA

Lifelong allergies, chronic constipation, recurrent sinus and yeast
infections...I'm a doctor's nightmare. But the good Naturopathic Doctor at
Virginia Natural Health didn't brush off my dis-ease. They embraced it. Now
thanks to them, I'm living a more productive life. And, with less prescription
drugs! It's hard to believe that my health could actually improve. But it has.  My
Naturopathic Doctor wanted more for me than to control my symptoms. He
wanted me symptom free. How refreshing! With his expert care and guidance,
my health has improved enormously. We're getting to the bottom of my health
challenges, not just masking them with drugs. Now I have a chance to live a
fuller life!

Susan Vincent, Staunton, VA

To the fine Doctor at Virginia Natural Health, Thank you so much for the very
effective care you have given to my 14 year-old son. The homeopathic remedy
that you prescribed for him had a drastic and lasting effect on his life. He has
become a much more enjoyable person to live with. The care and attention you
have given to my family is just what I had always wished for in healthcare
providers but have never experienced until now.

K.A., Waynesboro, VA